Quests To Heaven

Part 1, Quest 1 – Talyn’s Friend
Find Talyn, his located north in the town close to a mountain range. He will tell you: “Could you go and find my friend, I saw him in the church last time.”

Now head to the church and find his friend, once you find him, he will tell you: “Thanks for informing me where my friend is. Please go back to him and say hello to him from me.”

Now head back to Talyn and report what he said and you will gain 100 Experience Points.

Part 1, Quest 2 – Find Marwin
Marwin hides in a house in the town, he can be found through a backdoor. If you find him he will tell you to be quiet about it. And you will recieve 1 stat point.

Part 1, Quest 3 – Mark’s Cloths
Mark is located in the town castle, after you spoken to him you need to go and find his cloths. He will tell you where to find them. After that, return to him and he will give you 50gold.

Part 1, Quest 4 – Rat Skin
Quest IV – Go talk to the leader in the church, he will tell you to go east and find a dungeon filled with rats. Kill the rat minions until you have 3 rat skins. Now when you do, return back to the leader and we will reward you with 1 stat point and 2 protection points.

Part 1, Quest 5 – Farmer
Quest V – Farmer: Go north in the town and find Felix, his standing watching over the ocean for his brother. When you talked to him, he tells you to go east. He think his brother is located north over the desert, east of the rat dungeon. His dressed as a farmer, that he knows for sure. When you find him, head back to Felix and you will be rewarded with 1000experience.

Part 1, Quest 6 – Leafs
Quest VI – Leafs: Go and talk to Josh, his in the bar west of the church. He tells you to head east, and when you see the desert, walk north. Then walk one map east and you will find a mountain, wolves are there too. Go into the cave and collect 10 leafs. The drop chance from the angry rat is 10%. When you got 10 leafs, head back to Josh. And he will give you a yellow cape for honor.

Part 1, Quest 10 – First Key to Heaven
First Key To Heaven: When you are level 15, go east and find a person in a house. He will give you the first key to heaven for killing so many evil monsters. He want peace in the world, and he thinks you can do it.

Part 2, Quest 11 – Monkey
You need to finish all part 1 quests first.

You will see a monkey outside the temple in Mirovia, talk to him and he will ask you to bring him a banana. Now you need to go out and search for it. You need to find a person named Dorian, he will give you a banana if you get out of his house quick. Now return to the monkey and you will be awarded 10000 experience.

Part 2, Quest 12 – Merviens Helm
When you enter the 2:nd world, find Ledrian, his located just above the entrence to the 2:nd world (the 2:nd world is the place you can walk to when you are level 15). He will tell you about a great helmet. And all he want in return is 3 rare snake tails. Kill the green snakes until you have 3 tails. Now it is a 33% chance that he will give you the helmet. If not, he takes the 3 tails and you need to find them again. You can do this quest over and over again. And it’s worth it because you can receive Merviens Helm. It gives 5 Endurance, 15 Health, 15 Mana, 15 Stamina and more.

Part 2, Quest 13 – Spider Venom
On map 76, you will find a person called Dremon. He will tell you: “I will award you with 2 stat points and 2 protection points if you collect 5 Spider Venoms to me. You can go into the cave and hunt them. The drop is pretty rare but it might be worth it.”

Part 2, Quest 14 – Money Back
Go and find Marwin, his on map 95 by the bridge. He will tell you to go and get his money back from his friend in the bar. Go to him and he will tell you return to talk to Marwin again. Marwin sends you back to Tardian in the bar, when you get back to him he will give you 2000gold that belongs to Marwin. But you can keep it.

Part 2, Quest 15 – Leoni Hides
Search north east and you might happen to find Leoni. He hides because he has items he don’t want people to steal. In case you find him, he will give you a random item, in return that you won’t tell his location to another person.

Part 2, Quest 16 – Snow Balls
If you search in the northen part in the 2nd world, you will find a place called Mountain of Marviol. A old man onse said that he found a rare item which he hid below some snow balls, but it was never found. Search some where in the snow area for some snow balls and step on them, and you will get his hidden item.

Part 2, Quest 20 – 2nd Key to Heaven
Deep in the castle, you will find a key. But you will only be able to take it if your above level 30 and have the first key. Find it and keep it.

Part 3, Quest 21 – Three Chests
Find the NPC Beomidas in the city. His located near a lake. He will tell you the location of three hidden chests. Go and find those chests, and if your lucky, you will get some items. But if your unlucky, you might get nothing.

Part 3, Quest 22 – The Chef
Find the Chef, his located in a house in Chillwind Peaks. He will tell you: “Could you find my friend, his outside looking for ingredients to finish a very special elixir. Could you bring me the ingredients he has?” Find his friend, his located below the house. After that, return to the chef and you will be awarded with 20 Serious Healing Potions and 1 stat point.

Part 3, Quest 23 – Collect
Go find a person in a house in Chillwind Peaks. He want you to bring him 5 bear furs. They are dropped by the Brown bear below the orcs. After you gathered 5 of them, go back to him and he will give you a winged helmet.

Part 3, Quest 24 – The Locked Chest
In the ancient cave located in the desert called Lands of the Lost you will find a chest. When you try to open it you will see that the chest is locked. You need to go back to the first or secound town to find someone with a key. They will not give you the key unless you tried to open the chest. Once you have the key, return to the chest and you will see what it has inside it.

Part 3, Quest 30 – Third Key to Heaven

Go to the ruins in the desert called Lands of the Lost. But beaware, once you discover the anicent cave that only gods can see the walls in, you might never find your way out of there. But to get the third key, this is where you have to go. You also need to be high level to break the spell thats casted on the key.