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Mirage Source
File: Support Key to Heaven
Author: William
Date: 2008-05-16 13:31
Comments: (2)
New Stats!
x1 - 15stat points, 5pro points, 500gold
x2 - 25stat points, 10 pro points, 1000gold
x3 - 35stat points, 15pro points, 1500gold
Remember that key to heaven is 100% free to play. We are just charging for some extra to make your gameplay more fun.
Currently Bought Features:
- Storage (1 time: Scott)
- x3 char (2 times: Scott, Xorlak)
- VIP (5 times: Ventrilo, Scott, Real, Lee, Makaveli)
Currently Won Features:
- Storage (2 times: addy, timster0)
Payment is done to: through paypal or directly with your credit card by pressing the Buy Now button. Remember to state your username from the website and what it is your paying for. Post in comment for questions and the like. Or you can just tell me in a PM that you sent the money and I look into it.
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