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Mirage Source
File: The creators behind Key To Heaven
Description: The story of my life and how I got to creating Key To Heaven.
Author: William
Date: 2007-08-15 07:34
Comments: (11)
William - Game Developer
Age: 20
Experience: 3 Years with VB, 4 Years with RPG Code (RPGTK), More than 7 Years of Game Making. And during that whole time I've been playing around with pixel graphics.
Country: Sweden

In every life, we know that each person sometime thought about their earilest memory. And so have I, even though the earliest memory for me varies, since Im not sure which one it is. There is one memory that will forever stay in my mind.

My real name is Björn Johansson, when I was around 11-12 years old, I remember walking down to my aunts house because she had dsl. I could sit there for hours playing these stupid online games, mostly on the old:
From the christmas when we were so small, me and my two brothers, we had gotten the newest emulator in the market; SNES! And after playing Zelda A link to the Past, I was stuck. I couldn't take my mind off of it, I had to make my own game. I started reading about the chinese who created the game and then, I started searching again for a game maker program. I dont remember what the first program I got was, I think it was called Game Maker. Nothing more or less. After reading a 30 page guide I began making a simple airplane game. I liked it but it wasn't what I was meant to do. I Then began searching on, and found [url][/url] Toolkit 2). The old website is now located at, thats how it looked back then. I used that for about 4 years, until I was around 15-16. I made 3 games with it, the first 2 were kind of basic but the third one was what k2h is based on. I still have some pieces of the gfx from back then.

I dont fully remember how I found konfuze, I think it was from a topic at the tkzone: I just got so surprised and didn't know what to think. Making an online rpg My heart was pounding. I saw Coke and GodSentDeath as gods. I also remember Thanos helping me out some. I made a game with konfuze, it had around 15 players all the time and always crashed when it was at 15. So from nowhere I find out that konfuze is actually built from mirage source. I start posting a little on MS about if I should make a game with konfuze or if I should start programming. In my heart I knew the right answer was to start programming. You cant waste so many years making it easy for yourself. After 4 years with the rpg toolkit engine, I decided no more compilled stuff for me. I left Konfuze around the time it died, and only stayed at MS. I got help from everybody I could. Visual Basic was a whole new language for me. But still RPG Code wasn't so far away, the 4 years with toolkit actually paid off. From being able to program anything in the toolkit code language, I was able to learn vb programming pretty fast.

Even though my game has been in development for over 2 years with miragesource, a lot of things have still happened. Not too long ago, I decided to buy mirage source since it meant so much to me, and I'm trying to do my best to please all the members on the community.

Some people might say, "Hey! you've been working on your game for more than 6 years". And I would have to say "Yes", a game isn't made in 1 year. Maybe not even two. But k2h is close to finished. There are just some weeks, some days and some hours left.

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Dex - Thanks for helping me with some pixel work.

Makaveli - Thanks for helping me with some pixel work.

Badboyerk - Music Artist - Thanks for providing some good tracks.

Bhenur - Helping me out with source problems. Big thanks.

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A big thanks to Cruzn for helping me making the website as I want it to. Styling it and modifying it and keeping everything in check.
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