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Author Message   #12957  2009-02-17 20:43 GMT  

Online status addy

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Location: illinois
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Age: 24
I suggest william adds some other games to k2h.
Since im a high level leveling usually gets boring and no one is on to talk to.
You should add some mini games or more quests to make the gameplay more fun.
Im not sure what kinds of stuff to add but i bet some people could come up with ideas.
Maybe like a little minigame like Capture the flag.
It doesnt sound like itd fit in the game but like i said gameplay would be more fun.


Author Message   #12961  2009-02-18 10:42 GMT  

Online status William


Posts: 2086
Location: Sweden
Occupation: Game Design
Age: 31
Yeah, I see what you mean. But I intend to have players on at all time and in one way or the other it will happen. I'll see if I can figure something fun to release later. A few mini games might not be a bad idea.



Author Message   #12964  2009-02-18 11:06 GMT  

Online status timster0


Posts: 164
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
Occupation: Student
A deathmatch type thing would be fun.

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