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Author Message   #12747  2009-02-06 14:22 GMT  

Online status addy

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I think you should have added hotkeys to the game.
ive heard some people asking bout wanting them and i think they're right.
It wouldnt be too hard to add and would only take a few minutes. You could have the spell hotkeys right here if you didnt have space anywhere else

Then i also think you should add a potion hotkey. Easier than clicking the potion thing everytime.


Author Message   #12750  2009-02-06 14:27 GMT  

Online status William


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Potions are linked to F9, F10, F11. The spell window can be taken of the game screen so that basically works like hotkeys for spells in one way. You all remember that I had 4 hot keys for spells before. But it turned out to be buggy and therefore I just commented it out because I didn't like it.



Author Message   #12762  2009-02-07 12:35 GMT  

Online status Demonfox


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Well i havc a lve 20 mage Jacob and its just fine really for me but u know how far that would go with every1 else

Demonfox 31 X1~Mage
Jacob 29 ~mage

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