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Author Message   #12413  2008-11-27 13:29 GMT  

Online status William


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Ultra Rare Drop [DONE]
Yeah, I was thinking of a drop... Maybe for a holiday.
Were the selected monster drops the rare item ( you can just get it on that day )
and the next year, it would be different.

Keep some items on death & Pking [Not Added]

Refresh Button [DONE]
Add a Refresh button for players for if they get frozen.

Ancient Beasts [Not Added]
I kind of got an idea that requires a few new things.
- a new player bar. I'd suggest name it Temper.
- a new item, an egg.
- new or old sprites, the ancient beasts.
You could add this to a quest as a reward.
If you finish the Quest, you may choose one of the X amount of Ancient Beasts,
you will be granted with an egg in your inventory, as time passes your egg will grow
when it hatches it will be ur Ancient Beast.
Using this Ancient Beast will change your sprite into the Ancient Beast,
while ur the Ancient Beast ur "Temper" bar goes down, although your power will be increased. When the bar reaches 0 u will change to ur normal form.
Your Ancient Beast will grow very slowly, u could give it 3 different stages.
Baby, Kid, Adult or something, as the Ancient Beast grows his power will also increase.
Ofcourse they should only grow very slowly and u can only grow 1 at a time. (the one u "use", new inventory slot lol.)
Your temper bar grows by fighting animals.

Guild Colors [DONE]
I haven't got any clue how the current guild system works.
Although it would be nice if like the Leader has the guild name coloured in a different colour then a recruiter or a member.

NPC Chat [Not Added]
I am unsure if this is already implemented or not. However it would be a really good idea, especially for quests. Like, you have to say specific words, in order for the NPC to answer you.

super long quests [DONE]

Rare equipment sets [DONE]

PK marks [Not Added]
the more you pk without dying the more your pk status changes.. liek the way your doing the html thing, with whos online, have like a pk list aswell, listing pks by the amount of people theyve pked at the top and so on.

Special event [Not Added]
like for a day around 1-2 hours, and have like players who can come on, moderators or somthing, so like as soon as someone finds him, he has 1 minute to ask him questions about anything, before he warps away, and if the same player sees im enough he gets a reward or something
i have more but i forgot some :/

Egg drops [Not Added]
So, in the game you obviously have monsters. (Green blobs, Puppets, Yeti, Foxes, etc) and each monster has a 1/8300 chance to drop an "egg". Thats around .01% of a drop. The egg is the monster you've killed and once hatch will follow you. Some may offer "BUFFS". Buff is a helping hand in a way. Some pet monsters may grant double damage every so often. Some may grant +10AGI and +1 STR at all times. Some pets may not offer ANYTHING but still nice to have following you around.

Guild house's [DONE]
Guild houses are located in different areas of the world. One may be near a swamp, and one may be near a town.

Amulets [Not Added]
I love the paperdolled armor, but it just missing that one little detail to it, the accecoires, like Amulets!
Instead of the basic armour it would be cool if u could wear amulets/necklaces or w/e.
not only will they add some more detail to the players outfit, it would also be nice if some amulets have special abilities, like faster attacking speed while wearing/faster running, etc.

Titles and karma [Not Added]
Making your own titles? xD Many games have that not just eo. and what about karma, karma is, if you have + more good karma, you get better chance of drops, you get - negative karma if you pked someone that you attacked first, the max negative karma=if you die by another player, you lose all your equiptment armor/weapons.

Death Message [DONE]
When a player gets killed by a other player it would be cool to see a "Player A has been killed by Player B" Message.
You know who you killed, you will be sure your the one who killed him and not ur friend who was also attacking him and you'll know who kills alot and who to fear.

horses and transportation [Not Added]
This is if we get alot of people and towns are far away and you have to walk all the way there. Maybe add horses or like a transpotation guy to transport you to a place for a cost. You dont gotta add right away just maybe if it gets harder to move around quickly.

96x96 Bosses [Not Added]

Logout button [Not Added]
Not only a exit button.

storage and rankngs [DONE]

character attacks and spell sounds [Not Added]
actually i don't the attacks look ugly , but i would like it if you would make more nicer . as in warrior swings his sword more , that would be nice . since all you do is move your sword a little when you attack . and you should add some sounds when you're using spells cos its boring when you just click around .

what about a safe map in a hundred years war map [Not Added]

Guild chat [DONE]

Healing [DONE]
Just a quick suggestion, can you make it so that you can actually see on your own screen the other player using pots or healing spells. Maybe a small red number that appears over your head when you use a pot or healing spell of +(number of health healed).

Turning [Not Added]
By holding Alt and Any Directional Arrow, You will turn to that specific Direction, but you will stay in the same place.

pot suggestion [DONE]
instead of buying 1 pot at a time, William, could you please make a pop-up window appear that lets you select the amount of pots you want to buy, or where players insert a number to get the amount they will request. Its a pain in the ass to get the amount of pots we need.

Ignore List [Not Added]
Here is a idea that I am using in my game. It is an Ignore List, just like Friend List. It will allow players to add players that is annoying you and you can add them to Ignore List. Add messages, guild invite, and party invite will cancel if it is from players in your Ignore List.

Poison [Not Added]
This would be a good idea to help make enemies stronger. After all, its gets a little boring fighting weak monsters. The poison would last for a while and deal damage after some amount of seconds.
Ex. weak poison: last for 24 seconds dealing 1-3 damage every 6 seconds
Ex. harmful Scorpion poison: last 30 seconds dealing 10-15 damage every 5 seconds
Ex. Rat poison: last 35 seconds dealing 1-2 damage every 7 seconds

Trade system [Not Added]

Duel Challenge [Not Added]
Ability to challenge any players anywhere by right clicking DUEL/CHALLENGE 'John Doe', no drops though, not sure if this is suggested before, but imo, it would be great to be put into the game system.

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